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Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant
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All-in Package

The Certified Passivhaus Designer course provides a complete and transparent package, encompassing all necessary components, including exam and software fees. This ensures participants have all the resources required to achieve certification as a Passivhaus Designer/Consultant. For individuals interested in the course content without the certification component, an alternative option is available here.

A proud designer holds a Smart Plus Academy certificate, marking their success in Passivhaus training.

What You Get When You Register Today

Esteemed Passivhaus Designer Certificate from the Passivhaus Institute, obtained through Smart Plus Academy

Tailored for the Busy Professional

Deep dive into Passivhaus principles with Smart Plus Academy's comprehensive resources.

Comprehensive Curriculum:

Our course covers everything from building envelopes and construction methods to retrofitting and the latest Passivhaus standards.

Flexible learning schedule at Smart Plus Academy, ideal for busy professionals.

Flexible Learning:

Enjoy the freedom of self-paced study, complemented by live Q&A sessions for real-time clarification.

Graphic showcasing the innovative, cutting-edge content provided by Smart Plus Academy in Passivhaus education.

Cutting-Edge Content:

Benefit from visually engaging and consistently updated course material.

Icon depicting the expert guidance provided by Smart Plus Academy to students pursuing Passivhaus certification.

Expert Guidance:

Get your queries addressed directly by our certified Passive House trainers in live Q&A sessions and via our chat.

Icon symbolizing exam preparation resources at Smart Plus Academy, geared towards Passivhaus certification success.

Exam Preparation:

Two mock exams and a preparation training session to ensure you're exam-ready.

Icon symbolizing career advancement opportunities through Smart Plus Academy's comprehensive courses.

Career Advancement:

This certification will not only add a feather in your cap but also open doors to new opportunities in the sustainable design sector.

Illustration highlighting the importance of community building within Smart Plus Academy's educational environment.

Community Building:

Engage in discussions with classmates, teachers, and mentors to build a network of like-minded professionals.

Icon representing the risk-free investment in education at Smart Plus Academy, guaranteeing value and quality.

Risk-Free Investment:

Money-back guarantee if the course doesn't meet your expectations within the first week.

Icon denoting the global recognition of Smart Plus Academy's Passivhaus courses, emphasizing international standards

Global Recognition:

Become internationally recognized as a Certified Passive House Designer or Consultant.

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Pro Tip:

For those preferring a more gradual approach, consider our step-by-step program. Purchase modules as you progress, easing the financial commitment.

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