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Your Path to a Sustainable Future

Become a Certified Expert in Sustainable Constructor and Create Energy-Efficient Buildings that Make a Difference. With a curriculum tailored to the latest industry standards and a community of passionate professionals, you’re not just gaining a certificate, but a transformative experience. 

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Why is Our Passivhaus Tradesperson Course Tailored for You?

With five years of refinement, our Passivhaus Tradesperson Course is crafted for professionals eager to drive change in the building design world. Dive into a curriculum that offers a perfect balance of self-paced study complemented by expert guidance, positioning you at the forefront of sustainable design.

Benefit from consistently updated and visually engaging content, reflecting the latest knowledge and the newest Passivhaus standard 10.

Get introduced to all relevant construction details and build-ups for the most common construction methods such as timber framing, CLT, concrete, masonry, and steel construction. We ensure you understand the required details for each method across all climate zones and also introduce you to alternative techniques like SIPS, straw bale, and rammed earth.

We provide you with a retrofit masterplan that goes beyond standard Passivhaus teachings. Learn the key considerations to assess before offering advice, and understand when and to what extent a retrofit is truly beneficial.

Our optimized formula sheet simplifies complex concepts with easy-to-understand examples and tricks, invaluable for both the exam and real-world applications.

Get your queries addressed directly in the live sessions for all six modules by our certified Passivhaus trainers. Plus, you can reach out to the teacher anytime via our chat room for additional support and clarifications.

Engage in lively discussions with classmates, teachers, and mentors in our chat room. It’s not just about learning; it’s about building a community of like-minded professionals.

What our trades say

Great coarse. Learnt a lot with great knowledge and support from the team.
Ray Pollard
Fantastic course, information easily understood and concepts reinforced with feedback and the ability to ask questions, thanks again
Brad Hoad
Very knowledgeable and experienced teachers, as well as friendly and quick responding staff. What more can you ask for in an education provider!
Can recommend their courses to anyone really!
Ferdinand T.

Tailored for the Busy Professional

How Long Have You Wanted to Take This Course?

We understand that many professionals have had this course on their radar for quite some time. If that sounds like you, our tailored course structure might be the key to finally diving in.

Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson course

Independet and Interactive

Enjoy the flexibility of studying at your own pace, but also benefit from six live Q&A sessions. Additionally, engage with classmates, support teams, teachers, and mentors via our interactive chat room.

Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson course

Round-the-Clock Teacher Support

While the primary content is pre-recorded, our dedicated team is always available. Reach out to our expert teachers and support staff anytime for clarifications and guidance.

Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson course

Extended Access for Paced Learning

With a year-long access to materials, you can spread out your learning journey and still participate in live sessions.

Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson course

Optimized Learning Experience

Access top-tier content from our best live sessions over the past three years. Whether you're a novice or an advanced learner, customize your viewing experience. Slow down, repeat, speed up, or even skip sections based on your expertise.

Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson course

Structured Yet Flexible Timeline

Our recommended structure spans six weeks, with weekly live Q&A sessions, followed by two weeks for exam prep. On average, allocate 5-10 hours weekly for a comprehensive learning experience.

Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson course

Pro Tip

For those preferring a more gradual approach, consider our step-by-step program. Purchase modules as you progress, easing the financial commitment.

Nathan Groszmann
Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson
I absolutely loved this course!! I went into the course unsure of how a passive house would work in our climate being in Queensland.

I am so happy to have the experience to do this course as there was so much information and confirmed that it is definitely something we can build in Queensland and I think everyone should be following this style of building.

Daniel and Julia were great lectures and went into a lot of detail and explained the process of building a passive house very well. I can’t wait to implement what I have learnt.

What Is Included In The Passivhaus Tradesperson Certification Package?

Our Passivhaus Tradesperson Course is our comprehensive program designed to give you the working knowledge required in becoming a Certified Passivhaus tradesperson. 
You will learn 4 in-depth modules that are specially designed to prepare you for sitting your accreditation exam and
prepare you to start your first Passivhaus project. 

  • Overview of Passive House principles and certification.

  • Sustainable construction and design.

  • Materials and approaches for creating the thermal envelope.

  • Airtightness, vapour and weather-control systems.

  • Blower Door testing for Passive House Buildings.

  • Details and solutions to address thermal bridging.

  • The components and installation of windows.

  • Systems and strategies for managing shading.

  • Systems and strategies for ventilation and heat-recovery.

  • The components of heat-recovery ventilation systems.

  • Design and sizing of heat-recovery ventilation systems.

  • Construction  build-ups  for any common building metode

  • Details for all common connections situations 

  • Heating concepts, generation and distribution.

  • Cooling introduction & strategies.

  • The use and optimisation of domestic hot water systems.

  • The retrofitting master plan.

  • When does retrofitting make sense?

  • Retrofitting the building envelope.

  • Retrofitting the mechanical systems.

  • Passivhaus certification & standard.

Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson Course Readiness Quiz

Step 01: Passivhaus Tradesperson Readiness Quiz

Test your foundational knowledge required to becoming Passive House Certified.

Step 02: Passivhaus Tradesperson Preparation Course

Our foundational program is designed to help to understand all the key mathematical concepts and terminology used in Passive House construction.

Certified passivhaus tradesperson course pre-course
New thumbnail for the Certified Passive House Tradesperson course all in package

Step 03: Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson Course

Our Passivhaus Tradesperson Course is our comprehensive program designed to give you the working knowledge required in becoming a Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson.

You will learn 4 in-depth modules that are specially designed to prepare you for sitting your certification exam and prepare you to start your first Passive House project.

Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson Course exam preparation

Step 04: Passivhaus Tradesperson Examination Preparation Training

This course aims to familiarise you with the types of questions you will encounter during the certification exam, so you will be in the best position possible to pass and achieve certification.

This course also includes two mockup exams & many tips and tricks.

Step 05: Online Passivhaus Tradesperson Examination

Become internationally Recognised as a Passivhaus Tradesperson. The exam takes three hours. It includes design and mathematical components as well as multiple-choice questions. Please allow for five hours so that we can set up and you can submit your workings.

Certified Passivhaus tradesperson course exam

The Passivhaus
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Exams Dates

We offer a range of exam dates, allowing you the flexibility to progress through the course at a pace that suits you best.

It takes 25 – 40 hours to complete the course, including homework and exam preparation.  

Time until the next exam date:

Can you make it?


Mon, 30.11.2023, 9am

Mon, 30.11.2023, 6pm 

Thu, 23.05.2024 

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Inclusions with each Certified PASSIVHAUS Tradesperson Course - Package

The Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson course provides a complete and transparent package, encompassing all necessary components, including exam. This ensures participants have all the resources required to achieve certification as a Passivhaus Tradesperson. For individuals interested in the course content without the certification component, an alternative option is available here.

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At the heart of our Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson course lies a commitment to delivering the highest quality education. We’ve empowered countless professionals to elevate their careers, and we want you to join them with complete confidence.

1. Satisfaction Guarantee: If, within a week of access or before completing the first module, you find that the course doesn’t provide the insights or tools you anticipated, simply inform us. We’ll facilitate a complete refund, ensuring your investment is risk-free.

2. Price Match Promise:  Should you find another Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson course at a lower price, inform us. We commit to matching that price, guaranteeing you the highest quality education at the most competitive rate.

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