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Your Path to a Sustainable Future
Become a Certified Expert in Sustainable Constructor and Create Energy-Efficient Buildings that Make a Difference

Why Become a Passivhaus Tradesperson?

Embrace a rewarding career in sustainable construction by becoming a Passivhaus Tradesperson. Master the skills required to create energy-efficient, eco-friendly buildings, and set yourself apart in a growing market. Benefit from increased demand for green building expertise and make a positive impact on our environment. Join the Passivhaus movement and build a better future.
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What our trades say

Great coarse. Learnt a lot with great knowledge and support from the team.
Ray Pollard
Fantastic course, information easily understood and concepts reinforced with feedback and the ability to ask questions, thanks again
Brad Hoad
Very knowledgeable and experienced teachers, as well as friendly and quick responding staff. What more can you ask for in an education provider!
Can recommend their courses to anyone really!
Ferdinand T.

Why take this course now

Enroll in the Passivhaus Trades course today to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to create innovative, energy-efficient buildings that make a positive impact on the environment and your clients’ lives.
Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson course

Climate Change is happing now

We need to act today if we want to avoid a climate disaster. With this qualification you can contribute to this global effort every day at work.

Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson course

Your Clients Deserve The Best

Did you experience thermal discomfort in buildings? Don’t let your clients suffer the same.

Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson course

Improvements On Every project

These courses will significantly improve your sustainable design practice.

Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson course

Be A Front Runner

The Passivhaus movement is growing exponentially fast and joining today will mean you are one of the leaders of change.

Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson course

Building regulations are changing

Australia's and New Zealand's building regulations are changing rapidly. England and the European Union already require nearly zero energy buildings.

Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson course

Design Buildings for the extremes

Let your client enjoy the comforts of their home in any weather event.

Your certified Passivhaus

Here to make you succeed
Daniel Kress
Daniel, founder and head trainer at Smart Plus Academy, is known for his engaging, conversational teaching style. As a visionary engineer, entrepreneur, and educator, he excels at simplifying complex concepts and connecting industries.

With experience in construction and sustainable building, Daniel has a dual master’s degree in Civil and Structural Engineering, specializing in building physics and science.

His passion for sustainability led him to contribute to a European Union research project on sustainable building practices. At 37, he founded Smart Plus Academy (SPA), which has educated the majority of Australia’s certified Passivhaus professionals.

Daniel’s mission is to make Passivhaus knowledge accessible globally, promoting sustainable building practices and creating a lasting, positive impact on the construction industry and a greener, more sustainable world for all.

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Julia Kiefer
Julia is a senior trainer and passionate architect who has been sharing her expertise in Australia since 2006. She has worked for leading architectural firms in Melbourne, Perth, and Darwin, gaining invaluable insights into Australia’s diverse geographic regions and unique climate challenges.

Julia is deeply committed to sustainability and energy-efficient building design and became a Certified Passivhaus Designer in 2018. Since then, she has been dedicated to driving change in the building industry and educating Australians on creating comfortable, healthy, and eco-friendly living spaces.

In 2020, Julia joined Smart Plus Academy as a senior Passivhaus trainer, expanding her impact by educating building professionals across Australia about the Passivhaus standard. She shares her passion and expertise to inspire a new generation of sustainable building practitioners. Julia is excited about the global expansion and impact envisioned by SPA and remains committed to empowering others with the knowledge and skills needed to make a lasting, positive difference in the building industry and the world at large.

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Unlock Your Potential:
Boost Your Career with
Passivhaus Tradesperson

At Smart Plus Academy, we’re here to help you become the hero of your own success story. Our hands-on Passivhaus Tradesperson Course offers expert guidance and a practical approach to help you achieve your goal of becoming a certified Passivhaus Tradesperson. Learn to build sustainable buildings in any climate zone, and play an active role in addressing climate change. Are you ready to start your journey to success? Click “Read More” to discover the full story!

Empowering Tradespeople to Create Climate Solutions

Our Passivhaus Tradesperson course provides a step-by-step learning experience, guiding you toward becoming a certified Passivhaus Tradesperson. Our founder, Daniel Kress, is committed to making Passivhaus accessible to everyone and empowering students to become active contributors to climate solutions.
Smart Plus Academy simplifies the learning process by focusing on practical, real-world projects. This helps you gain a deeper understanding and allows you to confidently apply your knowledge on the job.

Our dedicated instructors guide you through essential details across various construction methods, including timber framing, CLT, concrete, masonry, and steel construction. We explore required build-ups for each method in all climate zones and discuss alternative approaches, such as SIPS, straw bale, and rammed earth. We also apply a similar strategy to retrofitting, presenting a universal master plan for common building techniques.

With Smart Plus Academy’s unbeatable Passivhaus Tradesperson Course, you’ll build from a foundation of best practices, ensuring success from the start, instead of trying to fix flawed methods later on. Join us and become an essential part of the sustainable building movement.
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