Download Your FREE Passivhaus Info Pack for Trades

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Download Your FREE Passivhaus Info Pack for Trades

Unlock a Sustainable Future in Building Design

Get your hands on the ultimate guide that will answer all your questions about becoming a certified Passivhaus Designer. Our comprehensive FAQ pack is your first step toward a sustainable and innovative career.

Group of professionals at Smart Plus Academy analyzing a blueprint, focusing on sustainable construction.

What's Inside?

🌱 Discover Passivhaus: Learn the revolutionary approach to energy-efficient design.

🎓 Meet Smart Plus Academy: Your go-to experts for sustainable building education.

🛠️ Skills You’ll Gain: Elevate your design capabilities to create sustainable, stunning buildings.

⚙️ How it Works: Simple, step-by-step certification to boost your career.

🌟 Why Get Certified: Gain recognition and be at the forefront of eco-friendly construction.

Act Now: Seize the perfect moment to invest in your sustainable education.

🗣️ Hear Success Stories: Real testimonials from Builders who’ve excelled with us.

Engaged students participating in an online Passivhaus course offered by Smart Plus Academy.

The Passivhaus
Info Pack For Trades

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