Passivhaus Tradesperson Course Step-by-Step

For Builders and Trades

Step by Step Certified PASSIVHAUS Trades Course

Learn PASSIVHAUS Building at Your Own Pace

Welcome to our distinctive Step by Step Certified PASSIVHAUS Trades Course. Our flexible, module-by-module strategy allows you to progressively immerse yourself in PASSIVHAUS building. Grow your skills at a pace that’s right for you.
The Smart Plus Academy alumni community comes together, sharing a passion for Passivhaus design and sustainable building.

Trades Course Previews & Readiness Quiz

Start Your Learning Journey with Confidence

Get a head start by previewing our course. It offers a sneak peek into our hands-on, practical teaching style. Our ‘Master PASSIVHAUS Basics: Trades Pre-Course’ introduces you to the key terms and concepts you’ll need for your journey. And before you dive into the Certified PASSIVHAUS Trades Course, assess your readiness with our free Trades Readiness Quiz.

Explore our Passivhaus Course Preview for a glimpse into our dynamic teaching approach and the valuable knowledge you’ll gain on your journey.


Learn key terms & math concepts, easing your journey towards Certified Tradesperson status.

AUD $150

Evaluate Your Passivhaus Knowledge: Determine if you’re prepared for the Certified Tradesperson Course or if the Tradesperson Pre-Course awaits you.


The 4 Trades Course Modules

Deepen Your Skills in PASSIVHAUS Building

Our course consists of four comprehensive modules, each focusing on a different aspect of PASSIVHAUS building. These modules are designed to sequentially build upon each other, providing a thorough understanding of PASSIVHAUS building principles and methods. The ‘Step by Step’ course lets you progress through these modules at your own pace, ensuring you fully grasp each concept before moving to the next. This equips you with the confidence to apply what you’ve learned in real-world settings.

Level: Intermediate
Duration: 5 h | CPD(s): 5

A comprehensive Passivhaus course, learning building envelope construction from fundamentals to advanced concepts, with module flexibility for a personalized experience.

AUD $300

Level: Intermediate
Duration: 5 h | CPD(s): 5

Become a Passivhaus expert in windows and ventilation, enabling you to create energy-efficient, comfortable, and sustainable buildings step by step.

AUD $300

Level: Intermediate
Duration: 5 h | CPD(s): 5

Learn about Passive House principles in building construction, details, and conditioning with our comprehensive step-by-step course.

AUD $300

Level: Intermediate Duration: 4 h | CPD(s): 4

Become a skilled expert in Passivhaus retrofitting and certification guiding you through every stage of the construction process from fundamentals to advanced concepts.

AUD $300

Passivhaus Trades Exam Preparation & Exam

Complete Your Journey to Certification

Your learning journey doesn’t stop at the modules. We also provide a focused Passivhaus Trades Exam Preparation training to refine your knowledge and get you ready for the certification exam. Take the bold step to sit for the Passivhaus Trades Exam and earn your certification. Begin your journey towards becoming a Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson today and be part of building a sustainable future.
Prepare for the certification exam with our Exam Prep Training, providing mock exams and recorded sessions to familiarize you with the exam format.

AUD $300

Achieve the coveted Passivhaus Tradesperson certification by successfully completing the internationally recognized exam provided by the Passivhaus Institute, the governing body for Passive House.

AUD $700

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