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Passive House Institute (PHI) Registration – Designer
Passive House Designer Readiness Quiz
This quiz tests your knowledge of Passive House Design.
Passive House Designer Preparation Course
Hello to our new Designer Students, Are you excited about the upcoming course? It’s a big step in your career and to making a difference! Many of our former students found math and the new vocabulary challenging. This is the reason we want to provide you with a “Passive House Language and Mathematics Course (Palama)” as a preparatory course so you can get even more out of the main course! Note: This course is recorded. Feel free to watch the recorded version in your account. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Have a great day!
How to prepare for the exam
If you have bought the BOOTCAMP Passive House Designer Certification PACKAGE – which includes the exam- then you will have access to the “Passive House Designer Exam Prep Training” from the start of your course date. Please check your account.
Private: BOOTCAMP Passive House Designer
Certification PACKAGE [Exam 01.02.2023]
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