Passivhaus Tradesperson Course- Certification PACKAGE

Our Passivhaus Tradesperson Course ONLY is an independent learning option ideal for flexible schedules.

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Welcome to the Passivhaus Tradesperson Course PACKAGE, the independent learning option designed for students who prefer studying at their own pace using course recordings. This course is ideal for individuals with ample time, flexibility, and a preference for independent study.

Please note that the exam is not included in this course.

Our teaching modules are divided into 4 mini units, each under 30 minutes, allowing you to complete the Passive House Tradesperson course one 30-minute unit at a time. This flexible structure accommodates a busy lifestyle, enabling you to balance your daily work commitments with your Passive House learning journey.

Here's a glimpse into the course structure:

Module 01 - Building Envelope: Learn about Passive House principles, sustainable construction and design, and more.

Module 02 - Windows and Ventilation: Discover how to install windows, manage shading, and set up systems for fresh air and heat recovery.

Module 03 - Build-ups, Details, and Conditioning: Understand how to construct different types of buildings, connect different parts, and set up systems to keep the house warm or cool.

Module 04 - Retrofit and Certification: Learn about upgrading old buildings to make them more energy-efficient and the process of achieving Passive House certification.

Enroll in the Passivhaus Tradesperson Course PACKAGE today and take the first step towards becoming a certified Passivhaus professional. Together, we can build a greener, more sustainable future.


Certification Package Components

Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson CourseAUD $1,497
Passivhaus Tradesperson Exam Prep TrainingAUD $300
Passivhaus Tradesperson ExamAUD $750

Included Bonuses

WHY PassivhausAUD $197
Passivhaus 101 for TradespersonAUD $300
Certification guaranteeAUD $1,500



AUD $1,997

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