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Evaluate Your Passivhaus Knowledge: Determine if You're Prepared for the Certified Passivhaus Designer Course or if the Designer Pre-Course Awaits.
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Discover your proficiency in Passivhaus Design through our quiz!
Assess your knowledge and determine your readiness for the "Certified Passive House Designer Course."
Achieving a recommended score of 80% or higher in the quiz will indicate your preparedness for the advanced Passivhaus Designer Course, without requiring any additional study. This could be the case if you have previous knowledge of essential topics such as:

  • The Passivhaus standard and requirements,
  • The difference between heating load and demand,
  • The thermal conductivity of materials, and
  • How to calculate the U-value
  • Alternatively, if you score below 80%, we highly recommend enrolling in our comprehensive "Master Passivhaus Basics: Designer Pre-Course"

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