Course Content
Why Passive House (Copy 1)
Passive House language and math (Copy 1)
Module 1: Opaque Building Envelope (LIVE) (Copy 1)
Intyroduction into teh Passive House Software, therml;ainsliation, air tightnes and blowdoirtesting and vapour management
Module 2: Build ups, Details and Windows (LIVE) (Copy 1)
Module 3: Magic Formula and Ventilation (LIVE) (Copy 1)
Module 4: Conditioning and Certification (LIVE) (Copy 1)
Module 5: Economics and the Standards (LIVE) (Copy 1)
Module 6: Retrofit and PHPP (LIVE) (Copy 1)
How to prepare for the exam (Copy 1)
x LIVE Passive House Designer Certification PACKAGE
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