ONLINE Passivhaus Designer / Consultant Exam [16.06] – 09:00

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The way to gain the Passivhaus Designer or Consultant certification is to pass an internationally recognised exam provided by the Passivhaus Institute, Passive House’s international governing body. Students at Smart Plus Academy can take the Passivhaus Institute exam with us remotely at a location with a suitable internet connection (such as a home or office).

The exam takes three and a half hours. It includes design and mathematical components as well as multiple-choice questions. Please allow for five hours so that we can set up and you can submit your workings.



To ease your mind when you take the exam, we offer a unique certification guarantee with our certification courses. Should you not pass within three attempts, and you complete all classes live or as recordings, score +80% in all your quizzes and submit a good design task, we will refund you:

  • two times what you paid for the GOLD Passivhaus Designer Course or,
  • in full for what you paid for the SILVER Passivhaus Designer Course.

But relax. You will be in the best possible position to gain certification with the world governing body, the Passive House Institute.

With us, no one ever needed 3 attempts to pass!
(Over 98% succeed in the first attempt) 



                                Passivhaus Institute (PHI) Certification

The easiest way to become Internationally recognised as a Certified Passive House Designer and Consultant.



Last Questions

Tue, 13.06.2023

(2 hours)


Last questions: Q&A plus tips and tricks

Setup of exam software: (if not done on your own)

Trial exam: test exam platform

Time: (2 hours)


Sydney [AU]: 09:00 – 11:00

Perth [AU]: 07:00 – 09:00

Wellington [NZ]: 11:00 – 13:00

London/Dublin [UK/IRE]: 24:00 (-1 day) – 02:00




Fri, 16.06.2023

(5 hours)


Setup for the exam (1 hour)

Exam (3 hours)

Submission (1 hour)

Time: (5 hours)

Sydney [AU]: 09:00 – 15:00

Perth [AU]: 07:00 – 13:00

Wellington [NZ]: 11:00 – 17:00

London/Dublin [UK/IRE]: 24:00 (-1 day) – 06:00


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The Passivhaus Designer
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Do you have any questions?

We usually reply in 24 – 48 hours during business days.



How to gain certification?

The exam is not the only way to gain certification as a Passive House designer or consultant. You have two options:

Pass the international written exam provided by Smart Plus Academy (SPA).
Germany’s Passive House Institute provides us with all the examination documents and files. Once you have sat the exam, SPA will conduct an initial assessment and then send your paper to the Passive House Institute. The Institute then carries out the final marking ahead of issuing certification to those who have passed.


Design a certified Passive House (NOT offered by SPA)
(See details under renewing certification)


How to renew your certification and how often

To remain certified as a Passive House designer or consultant, your certification must be renewed after the first five years and then again every five years. You can do this in two ways:

Earn further education credit points
Not every graduate is actively involved in Passive House projects and able to present evidence of this work. It is possible to renewing your certification by instead teaching Passive House courses and attending related events and advanced training.


Design a certified Passive House (NOT offered by SPA)
You can renew your certification by documenting a certified Passive House, EnerPHit retrofit or PHI Low Energy Building where you exercised full responsibility for the building design and the project planning with the PHPP. Project documentation can be used to earn or renew the certificate for one person per building.


The difference between ‘designer’ and ‘consultant’

Certified Passive House ‘designers’ and ‘consultants’ both receive identical educations and their qualifications have equal weight within the Passive House Institute. The different titles reflect the type of education a graduate has previously undertaken. In short, a graduate with a university degree related to the building industry is referred to as a designer and those without such a degree are referred to as consultants.

Establishing which group an applicant belongs to is not always easy, given the diverse educational qualifications, professions and the legal provisions relating to buildings worldwide. For this reason, the Passive House Institute has specified two possible methods for obtaining certification as a Certified Passive House Designer. These are:

  • Providing proof of an educational qualification which enables you to plan buildings or technical building systems independently. This educational qualification should have reached a certain level (e.g. diploma or bachelor degree) and have been attained in a specialised subject which primarily involves the planning of buildings or building services systems.
  • Providing proof of membership in an institution, whose members are entitled to provide planning services which are subject to approval by a building authority (e.g. Chamber of Architects).



You qualify for the Designer title if you have the following educational qualification:

  • Architect, building designer or interior designer
  • Civil, timber, structural, mechanical or construction engineer
  • Building physicist
  • Building and energy technology engineer
  • Master carpenter or builders licence
  • Certified technician for structural engineering, building construction, heating plumbing and ventilation technology or supply technology

Please provide evidence of having achieved any of the above qualifications when you register for the exam.


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Passive House Institute (PHI) Registration – Designer

  • Registration Instruction Guide

How to Prepare Your Machine

Exam Prep Meeting (LIVE) 13.06.2023 09:00 Sydney Time

Online Exam (LIVE) 16.06.2023 09:00 Sydney Time

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