Passivhaus Part 1:
How it began

Explore the Passivhaus approach to building design, focusing on energy efficiency, sustainability, and healthy indoor environments.
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This course provides an in-depth exploration of the Passivhaus approach to building design, which prioritizes energy efficiency, sustainability, and creating healthy indoor environments. By focusing on a high-performance building envelope, continuous fresh air supply, and energy harvesting and heat recovery systems, the Passivhaus standard achieves remarkable reductions in heating energy demand, often up to 90%.
Moreover, the certification process welcomes individuals from all backgrounds, irrespective of their current certification status.

Through this course, participants will gain a profound understanding of the need for innovative thinking in the building industry and the imperative to shift towards sustainable, healthy, and cost-effective buildings.
The Passive House Institute, a globally recognized authority, sets the benchmarks for Passive Houses, including standards for buildings, components, and professionals.


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