Step By Step – Designer – MODULE 3:
Magic Formula and Ventilation

This course provides a comprehensive exploration of Passivhaus design principles, including "The Magic Formula" for simplified calculations, ventilation and heat recovery strategies, and guidance on sizing and commissioning systems for optimal energy efficiency and indoor air quality.
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This course offers a comprehensive exploration of key learning outcomes essential for anyone interested in Passivhaus design.

Participants will discover "The Magic Formula," a powerful tool that simplifies 80% of the calculations necessary for Passivhaus design, streamlining the process for optimal energy efficiency.

Additionally, the course delves into vital systems and strategies for ventilation and heat recovery, equipping students with essential knowledge to maintain indoor air quality while minimizing energy consumption.

Participants will gain in-depth insights into the components and design principles of heat-recovery ventilation systems, learning how to size them effectively for different applications.

Finally, the course covers the critical aspects of commissioning ventilation systems and ensures compliance with relevant regulations, enabling professionals to execute Passivhaus projects confidently and sustainably.

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