Step By Step – Designer – MODULE 4:
Conditioning and Certification

This comprehensive course covers heating, cooling, and domestic hot water systems, teaching learners energy-efficient building practices, including heating methods, cooling strategies, domestic hot water optimization, and Passivhaus certification implementation.
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This comprehensive course delves into the fundamental aspects of heating, cooling, and domestic hot water systems, equipping learners with a deep understanding of energy-efficient building practices.

Participants will explore heating concepts, including various generation methods and distribution systems, to grasp the essentials of maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures while minimizing energy consumption.

The course also introduces cooling principles and strategies, enabling students to effectively manage indoor climate control.

Moreover, it delves into the use and optimization of domestic hot water systems, emphasizing sustainable practices.

Participants will also gain insights into the prestigious Passivhaus certification and standard, learning how to design and build ultra-energy-efficient structures.

To further enhance their knowledge, the course provides guidance on collaborating with Passivhaus certifiers, ensuring that learners are well-prepared to implement these innovative concepts in real-world projects.

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