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Economics and the Standards

In the "Economics and the Standards" course, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the economic principles behind Passivhaus construction, including cost-effectiveness, profitability, and sustainability, enabling them to make informed decisions in designing and building energy-efficient structures.
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In the course "Economics and the Standards," participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental principles underpinning the economic aspects of Passivhaus construction.

This course delves into the core learning outcomes, starting with a deep dive into the economic basics of Passivhaus design, providing a solid foundation for the subsequent modules.

Students will then explore dynamic economical calculations, learning how to assess and optimize cost-effectiveness throughout a project's lifecycle.

A central focus of the course revolves around the comparison of Passivhaus buildings with conventional structures, shedding light on the economic advantages and long-term benefits of adopting energy-efficient Passivhaus principles. Participants will also delve into profitability calculations, equipping them with the tools to analyze the financial viability of Passivhaus projects, and make informed decisions that align with sustainability goals.

Throughout the course, students will become well-versed in the Passivhaus Standard, a globally recognized benchmark for energy-efficient construction. By mastering these learning outcomes, individuals will be empowered to not only design and build environmentally responsible structures but also navigate the economic landscape, ensuring that their projects are not only sustainable but also financially sound.

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