Step By Step – Tradesperson – MODULE 1:
Building Envelope

Embark on a comprehensive and systematic Passivhaus course that guides you through the stages of building envelope construction, from fundamentals to advanced concepts, empowering you with the knowledge and skills to create energy-efficient, comfortable, and sustainable buildings, with the flexibility to purchase modules individually for a convenient and personalized learning experience.
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Our Passivhaus Building Envelope course offers a guided journey towards mastering the principles of Passivhaus construction. With a comprehensive and step-by-step approach, this program provides a systematic learning experience, covering each stage of building envelope construction within the Passivhaus framework.

From fundamental concepts to advanced techniques, you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to design and construct highly energy-efficient, comfortable, and sustainable buildings. The modular structure of the course allows for flexibility, as each module can be purchased separately, providing a convenient option without requiring a significant upfront commitment. Join us on this transformative educational path and unlock the potential of Passivhaus in building envelope construction.

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