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What is a Passive House Building?

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A dwelling designed according to Passive House standards clearly separates the indoor environment from the outdoors. While the external conditions and temperatures are fluctuating constantly, the indoor conditions remain comfortable, and the temperature range stays between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. 

This is all achieved without the need for a massive heating and cooling system.

How Does a Passive House Buildings Work?

As the name suggests, Passive House buildings rely largely on ‘passive’ measures such as thermal insulation and quality windows to achieve comfortable temperatures rather than air conditioning and heating. The approach involves creating a high-performing building ‘envelope’ tailored specifically to the site conditions and local climate. A mechanical ventilation system ensures the continuous flow of fresh air into your living spaces, while the windows harvest heat in the winter and the shades keep the heat out in the summer.

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Passive House Buildings Are


Can be applied to any domestic or commercial buildings.


The combination of insulation and ventilation allows for a stable comfortable temperature range all year round.


Extraordinary control over building performance by designers, builders and occupants.


Continuous ventilation circulates fresh air minimising the risk of mould, mildew, toxins & spores.


Reduces the energy consumption of a building by up to 90%.


The additional financial burden in the first year is often as little as one takeaway coffee a day. However, as soon as the loan is paid off, the savings are as big as a free lunch every day.

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The Benefits of Living in a Passive House

What are the benefits of living in a Passive House?
How can we minimise high heating and cooling cost?
What are the risks to live in a conventional building with extreme temperature fluctuations?
These are the main questions that will be answered in this course.

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Trusted by over 500+ students & growing….

Aaron Anstis
Aaron Anstis
26. May, 2022.
Training and trainers were fantastic. The content is relevant and trainers deliver it very well. Lots of time for questions and interaction to assist with learning. Thanks so much to the entire Smart Plus Academy team!
Jeremiah Appleby
Jeremiah Appleby
8. April, 2022.
I’m so happy I completed the designer course with Smart Plus. The trainers and support staff were excellent. Students were kept on track with regular communications and any queries were addressed promptly. I highly recommend training with Smart Plus.
Tess S
Tess S
7. April, 2022.
I had such a wonderful experience and felt completely supported every step of the way during the course. Highly recommend if you’re looking to become a Certified Passive House Designer!
Pablo Shopen
Pablo Shopen
6. April, 2022.
A comprehensive and challenging course providing a very strong foundation for your passive house journey. Julia and Daniel are knowledgeable, inspirational and understanding teachers who are very good at explaining complex topics and condensing the huge volume of information. I would highly recommend this wonderful course.
Sri R
Sri R
6. April, 2022.
Daniel Kress brings this amazing energy to class, seeing how passionate he is and his belief in passive house has motivated me all the more! The passive house designer course is very well curated to the T, they have left no stone unturned and ensured they detailed every aspect keeping in mind that learners from various levels of experience undertake this course. As a sustainability graduate with very little industry experience I found it rather easy to navigate through the course because of their systematic approach.They provide you with all the required study materials and their 6-day online course delivered by Julia gives you a complete walkthrough of all conceps. Julia and the support team are very helpful whenever you need assistance in any way! It’s been an honour to undertake this course with SPA and I couldn’t recommend it more! To anyone looking to start their Passive house journey, THIS IS THE PLACE TO COME!
Stuart McKenzie Hall
Stuart McKenzie Hall
12. January, 2022.
Excellent, detailed and thorough course, well presented perfect for a serious step in improving your Passive House Designer journey and obtaining a valuable qualification. Highly recommended.
sam foutoulis
sam foutoulis
24. November, 2021.
Great course tought by a passionate experienced team!
Madhu Priya
Madhu Priya
13. October, 2021.
I can say with utmost confidence that I made the best use of the Sydney lockdown by enrolling myself in the Passive House Designer course by the Smart Plus Academy. Initially I was a bit skeptical about undertaking the course since I had just completed my Masters degree and had no prior industrial experience in this field and hence was not sure if I will be able to understand the concepts. But the course material was designed in such a way that it explained in great detail about every aspect of Passive House design. The effort put in by Daniel and Julia in delivering the concepts and engaging with the students through the homework tasks and exercises ensured a great level of understanding. The support team was also very prompt in answering our queries. Clearing the final exam was a cake walk with the level of preparation that we were put through. Overall, it was a very knowledgeable experience and I highly recommend this course for those who aspire to bring about a positive change in the built environment.
Wei-Chih Lin
Wei-Chih Lin
9. October, 2021.
I enrolled in the Certified Passive House Designer Course and I highly recommend the course. The course tutors Daniel and Julia, and the team were very helpful, professional, and knowledgable.
Nick J
Nick J
6. October, 2021.
Good course and content in preparation for examination. Supportive team prior to enrolling to discuss course suitability for my needs.

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