Become a Certified Passivhaus Designer

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Certified PASSIVHAUS Designer Course 3.0

Your Path to a Sustainable Future
Become a Certified Expert in Sustainable Design and Create Energy-Efficient Buildings that Make a Difference

Become a Champion of Sustainable Living with Passivhaus Expertise

Becoming a certified Passive House Designer is a way for individuals and professionals to gain specialized knowledge and skills in designing highly energy-efficient and comfortable buildings.
The Passivhaus standard is a rigorous energy efficiency standard recognized internationally and rapidly gaining popularity globally.
Certification as a Passive House Designer demonstrates a high level of expertise in healthy, sustainable and affordable building design.
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What our designers say

I had such a wonderful experience and felt completely supported every step of the way during the course. Highly recommend if you’re looking to become a Certified Passive House Designer!
Tess S
“I am based in the UK. I completed the Bronze Passivhaus Designer Course over a 4 week period in the evenings after work. It took about 80 hours to prepare for the exam. The course is excellent! They cover a lot of ground, methodically and in a way that an ‘average’ student like myself can grasp. They ensure that you are well prepared. Highly recommended!”
Thomas Souster

Why take this course now

Enroll in the Passivhaus Designer course today to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to create innovative, energy-efficient buildings that make a positive impact on the environment and your clients’ lives.

Climate Change is happing now

We need to act today if we want to avoid a climate disaster. With this qualification you can contribute to this global effort every day at work.

Your Clients Deserve The Best

Did you experience thermal discomfort in buildings? Don’t let your clients suffer the same.

Improvements On Every project

These courses will significantly improve your sustainable design practice.

Be A Front Runner

The Passivhaus movement is growing exponentially fast and joining today will mean you are one of the leaders of change.