Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson – PACKAGE

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Certified Passive House Tradesperson Online Course:
All-Inclusive Package

This comprehensive online course is specifically tailored for professionals within the building industry, offering in-depth preparation for the Certified Passive House Tradesperson exam, endorsed by the Passivhaus Institute.



  • Passivhaus 101 for Tradesperson: A pre-learning course to introduce the basics of Passivhaus construction.
  • Certified Passive House Tradesperson Online Course: Core training covering all necessary aspects of Passivhaus standards and building.
  • Passivhaus Tradesperson Exam Prep Training: Focused preparation to equip candidates for the official Passivhaus Tradesperson exam.


  • Passivhaus Tradesperson Exam: The official certification exam by the Passivhaus Institute [PHI], with a duration of 3 hours. This can be taken online from a location of your choice, requiring a stable internet connection, a smartphone/tablet, and a PC, Mac, or laptop.

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  • Access to our online community for group support amongst active students.
  • Live online video call Q&As for interactive learning.
  • Comprehensive homework and exercises across all 4 Modules.
  • Practical tips and strategies for the exam.
  • Mock-up exams to simulate the actual test environment.
  • A live online video call session before the exam for addressing last-minute questions and setup guidance.


  • Digital access to SPA (Self-Paced Activities) homework and exercises.
  • A digital flipbook and handouts for the course material.
  • An SPA formula booklet, designed to enhance understanding of Passive House concepts.
  • Digital access to the PHPP handbook/manual for in-depth software guidance.


  • Course access is granted for 365 days, ensuring ample time for learning and exam preparation.
  • Course flipbooks are directly accessible on our website, allowing for flexible study arrangements.
  • All materials, including handouts, homework, exercises, the formula booklet, and essential documents, are provided in PDF format for personal printing and practical application.
  • The SPA formula booklet is a key resource, crafted to aid significantly in grasping Passive House concepts and ensuring exam success.
  • Registration for the exam is included in this package.
  • The certification exam must be completed within 365 days from the course start date.
  • Successful candidates will be accredited as Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson for a period of 5 years by the Passivhaus Institute, with the option to be listed on a publicly accessible list/map by the PHI.
  • As a student of Smart Plus Academy, you gain access to the Smart Plus Community for ongoing support and the opportunity to offer your services on our website.


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