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Graduates holding their certificates at Smart Plus Academy, a testament to successful Passivhaus education.

Become a Champion of Sustainable Living with Passivhaus Expertise

As a conscientious professional, you’re likely already committed to incorporating sustainable practices into your designs and projects.

However, you might sometimes feel uncertain about the true impact of your efforts or struggle to quantify and communicate their benefits effectively. The Passivhaus methodology and tools give you certainty and are the perfect solution to address these challenges.

By mastering Passivhaus Design you’ll be able to confidently evaluate the effects of various design choices, such as the energy savings achieved through double glazing or the risks of overheating with different glazing qualities. You’ll also be able to discern the value of insulation placement, whether it’s under the slab or elsewhere.

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll become an empowered advocate for sustainable design, capable of making informed decisions and clearly communicate the benefits of your work.

What our designers say

Five-star icon representing top-rated Passivhaus education and customer satisfaction at Smart Plus Academy.
Daniel, Julia and the rest of the team are fantastic! They delivered great material and content during the Passive House Designer course. Thank you!
Deep in study, a Passivhaus student at Smart Plus Academy analyzes architectural details, committed to sustainable design.
Sean Harvey
Five-star icon representing top-rated Passivhaus education and customer satisfaction at Smart Plus Academy.
A huge thank you to the Smart Plus Academy team!Your passion & drive towards building a better future shines through in this course. There is a lot of content to take in but your education platform is well-structured and the teachers are amazing! Highly recommend the Passive House Designer course to anyone interested in being a part of a movement in the right direction.
A focused architect student at Smart Plus Academy explores Passivhaus concepts, enhancing their sustainable design skills.
David Dimovski

Discover Passivhaus:
Create Greener, Energy-Efficient
Buildings for Your Clients

Level: Beginner
Duration: 1 h | CPD(s): 1

Gain knowledge about the benefits of creating energy-efficient, comfortable, and environmentally conscious designs for your clients.


Level: Beginner
Duration: 1 h | CPD(s): 1

Equipping architects with the knowledge and tools to effectively design and construct energy-efficient Passivhaus homes, providing step-by-step guidance

AUD $17

Level: Beginner
Duration: 1 h | CPD(s): 1
Explore how Passivhaus design and green loans can provide energy and financial benefits to your clients.

AUD $47

Need CPDs?
Start learning Passivhaus with
these short courses

Explore Passivhaus through shot courses and easily earn your annual CPDs. Our professional development courses are tax-deductible for building industry professionals.

On-Demand CPD courses

Level: Intermediate
Duration: 1 h | CPD(s): 1

Explore the Passivhaus approach to building design, focusing on energy efficiency, sustainability, and healthy indoor environments.

AUD $47

Level: Intermediate
Duration: 2 h | CPD(s): 2

Embark on a transformative journey as we explore the intersection of health, sustainability, and affordability in the built environment.

AUD $87

Level: Intermediate
Duration: 1 h | CPD(s): 1

Explore the nuances of maximizing building lifespan and optimizing energy use within the context of Passivhaus design.

AUD $47

* Gain confidence and appreciation knowing that if you encounter any difficulties obtaining CPDs, our team is here to support you. Our valuable content is designed to provide CPDs for professionals, and any issues are likely a matter of formality. Rest assured, we can create a certificate in the structure you need, ensuring your professional development is acknowledged.
An architect student from Smart Plus Academy engrossed in sustainable design, embodying the academy's educational ethos.
Five-star icon representing top-rated Passivhaus education and customer satisfaction at Smart Plus Academy.
Srinitha Raju
Master of Architectural Science
Certified Passivhaus Designer
A white quotation mark icon from Smart Plus Academy, symbolizing open dialogue and exchange of sustainable ideas.

Daniel Kress brings this amazing energy to class, seeing how passionate he is and his belief in Passivhaus has motivated me all the more! The passive house designer course is very well curated to the T, they have left no stone unturned and ensured they detailed every aspect keeping in mind that learners from various levels of experience undertake this course. As a sustainability graduate with very little industry experience, I found it rather easy to navigate through the course because of their systematic approach.

They provide you with all the required study materials and their 6-day online course delivered by Julia gives you a complete walkthrough of all concepts. Julia and the support team are very helpful whenever you need assistance in any way! It’s been an honour to undertake this course with SPA and I couldn’t recommend it more! To anyone looking to start their Passive house journey, THIS IS THE PLACE TO COME!

A white quotation mark icon from Smart Plus Academy, symbolizing open dialogue and exchange of sustainable ideas.
Esteemed Passivhaus Designer Certificate from the Passivhaus Institute, obtained through Smart Plus Academy

Become a Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant

Becoming a certified Passive House Designer is a way for individuals and professionals to gain specialized knowledge and skills in designing highly energy-efficient and comfortable buildings.
The Passivhaus standard is a rigorous energy efficiency standard recognized internationally and rapidly gaining popularity globally.
Certification as a Passive House Designer demonstrates a high level of expertise in healthy, sustainable and affordable building design.
A comprehensive info pack on Passivhaus principles available for designers at Smart Plus Academy.

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